bannerNavone2VICTOR NAVONE – Nemoland AWARD 2013
Directing animation, supervisor animator, CG animator

Victor Navone is a traditional artist and computer animator. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine and worked for several years in the computer gaming industry as a Conceptual Designer and 3d Artist. In 1998 Navone began studying 3D character animation on his spare time. One of his early animation exercises, “Alien Song”, went on to become a popular viral clip the internet and caught the attention of Pixar Animation Studios, who hired him as a full-time animator in 2000. His animation credits include the films “Monsters, Inc.”“Finding Nemo”“The Incredibles”“Cars”, and “Toy Story 3″. His work on “WALL-E” won an award from the Visual Effects Society, and earned him a nomination for an Annie Award. He has also co-directed a series of short “Cars Toons” for television. He was recently a Directing Animator on the feature “Cars 2”, and is currently a Supervising Animator for Pixar’s 2015 feature, directed by Pete Docter.

Victor Navone è un artista tradizionale e un animatore 3D. Si laurea in Fine Arts presso Irvine, l’Università della California, e lavora per diversi anni nell’industria del computer gaming come Conceptual Designer and 3d Artist. Nel 1998 Navone inizia a studiare l’animazione 3D nel suo tempo libero. Uno dei suoi primi esercizi d’animazione, “Alien Song”, diventa popolare in internet e cattura l’attenzione della Pixar Animation Studios, che lo assume come animatore full-time nel 2000. Lavora come animatore in ”Monsters, Inc.”“Finding Nemo”“The Incredibles”“Cars”, e “Toy Story 3″. Per “WALL-E” vince un premio dalla Visual Effects Society, e gli fa guadagnare una nomination per l’Annie Award. E’ anche co-regista di una serie di corti per la televisione: “Cars Toons”. Recentemente è stato Directing Animator in “Cars 2”, e attualmente è Supervising Animator per il lungometraggio Pixar del 2015, diretto da Pete Docter.

Victor Navone artwork

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